Welcome to The Hunt Goes Brrr Stream Asset Fustercluck Arms Race Extravaganza!
Here you will find Stream assets including alerts, score card and overlays that you can use during the event. To get started download the .zip file containing everything you need here. Now just follow the guide below!

For more information on The Hunt Goes Brrr, you can find the rules here

and a spreadsheet containing all the drops and their scores here.

Do you need some emotes for your Hunt Streams? I've got you covered on that as well. 
I decided the 3 best to go for would be a simple Hi, LootGasm, and PepeHands. Those should cover the emotions you are likely to feel during The Hunt! All I ask is you do not attempt to copy, trace or repurpose these emotes.

Click here to download the.zip file containing all 3 emotes in 3 sizes each.

Which character are you Hunting with? Are you part of The FL4KP4CK? The ZaneGang?

Let everyone know by downloading these character adverts and post them on your social media platforms of choice!

Click here to download the .zip file containing all 4 high res images.