general design

Borderlands 2:

Logo and design created for Borderlands 2 weapon parts resource site

Full Logo Medium.png

Borderlands 3: Unofficial Community Patch

It's finally here! If you're a creator looking for the logos and assets for BL3 UCP,

you can download them in hi-res right here.

Borderlands: 3 REDUX Mod Legacy

Logo design for EpicNNG's mod for Borderlands 3 - REDUX Legacy. You can download this logo for your thumbnails etc. in high res here.

Logo Full Medium.png

Borderlands: The Hunt 2021

I had the pleasure of working on the first Hunt of Borderlands 3. You can find all the graphics I made for the event and it's participants here. For The Hunt Goes Brrr graphics, click here.

Logo Large.png

Borderlands: Hotfix Merger Mod Tool

Now that Mods have finally come to Borderlands 3, I contributed some logo and branding for the WebUI and .exe Icons. You can download the Hotfix Merger here! You can also find these logos in a .zip folder for any projects you might have on my downloads page. 

Logo 2 Medium.png
Logo Large.png
Logo 3 Medium.png

Borderlands: The Hunt Community Event 2019

Logos, Stream Overlays, and Graphics I created for the community to use during both The Hunt 2019.

example overlay.png